Why are we not Having Sex?

One of the most common complaints amongst couples is low sexual desire of one or both partners leading to a lull or complete absence of sexual activity. There are many factors that influence a man or woman’s own sexual arousal and desire separately, but each partner’s feelings then also heavily influence one another’s arousal and desire. Couples sexual issues are also most often connected to their styles and levels of conflict within the relationship.

Therefore, this becomes a very complex issue that rarely has a clear cut cause or solution. If couples do not address these issues, it can lead to frustration, resentment, decreased sexual and relationship satisfaction and potentially relationship breakdown. If you and your partner have slipped into a low or no sex relationship – do not despair, couples and sex therapy is very effective at treating this issue.

How can a FemTherapy Sex Therapist Help Couples in No/Low Sex Relationships?

There is much that can be done to aid women and their partners in overcoming low levels of sexual desire and activity in relationships.

In our experience, many couples often experience returns of sexual desire once root causes are identified and corrected. A combination of sex therapy and couples counselling can often be successful in helping couples identify and deal with any underlying issues as well as understand the connection between arousal and desire and how to keep these both flowing strong in the relationship. Therapy will aim to increase levels of sexual appetite as well as to reconnect with sensations of sexual pleasure and intimacy.