Rebuilding Relationships after Infidelity

Infidelity is more common and complicated today than ever before. Cheating is no longer black and white, technology has expanded the scope of infidelity to online dating, chat rooms, night clubs and cell phones. One thing that hasn’t changed is the devastating effects it can have on partners and the relationship. However, despite the devastation there is still hope to rebuild trust, rediscover intimacy and renew your relationship following infidelity.

Whether a woman is dealing with an incident of infidelity long ago, a recently discovered indiscretion or an ongoing affair, experiencing sexual betrayal can be extremely traumatizing. It often leaves them with strong feelings of loss, betrayal, anger, confusion, and/or insecurity. If these feelings go without being addressed they can lead to more serious issues such as depression, anxiety, and complete breakdown of trust and intimacy within the relationship.

Moving on from Infidelity

As damaging as infidelity can be to a relationship or marriage, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Many couples seek relationship counselling in order to re-build their relationship following infidelity. There are many reasons why people are unfaithful, many of which indicate a problem in the relationship that was pre-existing. Addressing these and other issues through couple’s sex and relationship counselling is an important step to rebuilding your relationship.

What can a FemTherapy Clinic Sex Therapist do to help?

Our Sex Therapists can help couples dealing with infidelity to better understand the incident and address underlying issues in the relationship. This can be done through individual sessions, couples sessions or both. Committing to come in and see a sex and relationship therapist is often the first step to positive improvement and our psychologists can help you to build upon this. Our experienced psychologists will help to facilitate communication and gradually re-establish trust and intimacy.