Sex is complex at the best of times. Think about how many physical, emotional, psychological and environmental factors need to be ‘in sync’ in order for sex to take place. When too many of these elements are out of whack, pleasurable satisfying sex becomes harder to achieve. 

Love and communication are often not enough. Sexual conflict often leads to resentment and is too frequently a catalyst towards relationship breakdown. 

Whilst many couples will find navigating their ways though such troubled waters to be extremely difficult, the good news is that much can be done to help you to both discover new ways of giving and receiving sexual pleasure as well as new ways of enhancing levels of loving intimacy. 

Throughout this website, you will find information about many of the sexual and relationship issues that we help couples overcome. 

In addition to those, we also can assist couples with regards to:

  • Conflict due to differences in levels of sexual desire, sexual frequency and sexual initiation.
  • Strategies for overcoming sexual performance anxiety.
  • Problems relating to sexual or emotional infidelity/ recovery after an extra-marital affair.
  • Excessive conflict leading to relationship communication break-down.
  • Declines in levels of physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Sexual pain (either female or male).
  • Ineffectual sexual technique leading to lack of orgasm and prolonged sexual dissatisfaction. Our sex and relationship counselling service can help both you and your partner with:
  • Opening up the channels of sexual communication. Communicating openly your sexual preferences, concerns, and what it takes for you to experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Ways of re-awakening passion, eroticism and sexual desire. This includes increasing levels of sensuality and expanding sexual options beyond sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual re-skilling: Learning new ways of making sex more enjoyable, intimate and fulfilling.
  • Developing new techniques and strategies that take the focus off erections, thereby allowing you both to find new ways of giving and receiving sexual and non-sexual pleasure and in enhancing levels of relationship intimacy.
  • Learning how to incorporate treatments for erectile dysfunction within a sexual environment as well knowing what to do if treatments for erection problems fail to work to plan.
  • Ways of boosting levels of erotic and sexual pleasure via the inclusion of medical grade, fun and easy to use, sexual toys and appliances.