Getting back into Sex after Birth

Being a new mother and experiencing bodily changes after giving birth presents new challenges to sexuality. With a brand new baby at home sex is often the last thing on a couple’s mind.

Every woman and every couple is different and it can take time for the body to recover after pregnancy and giving birth. Most physicians advise waiting about 4-6 weeks before attempting regular intercourse, although just because your body might be ready doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel ready! Often, one partner might be ready to jump back into being intimate while the other isn’t quite there yet. Even when a woman does decide it is time to get back in the saddle, she may face certain difficulties.

Over 80% of women report sexual problems after 3 months postpartum, and over 60% at 6 months – especially new moms. Women often experience exhaustion, incontinence, postpartum depression, vaginal tears, and body image distress following childbirth. Low estrogen levels postpartum and while nursing create thin and dry vaginal walls making sex difficult and often painful.

Postpartum depression is also common as a result of the dramatic fall in hormone levels immediately after giving birth. This typically only lasts for a few weeks but can be a major mood killer for many. Many women also become quite self-conscious of their body following birth. Pregnancy and childbirth can leave women with extra weight, stretch marks, tender breasts that may not be as perky as they used to be and often genital or vaginal tears and stretching. It may take time for women to become comfortable and to feel sexy in their own skin again.

On the bright side, over time and as you and your partner become more accustomed to life as new parents reclaiming your sex life is more than possible. Although there are many hurdles to overcome in returning to a satisfying sex life after birth, these issues are all manageable. If you are experiencing sexual difficulties following childbirth, you are not alone and the FemTherapy Clinic can help.

Sex as Parents

Parenting is a full-time job that cannot be put on hold for sex. Many parents – whether brand new parents or veteran parents with a big family – find it difficult to maintain sexual intimacy. The wild and spontaneous sex life you may have enjoyed before children often gets buried in diaper changes, sleepless nights, play dates and unexpected interruptions.

Low energy levels, fatigue and a lack of time are the most significant factors decreasing libido and sexual intimacy among parents. It may be time to accept that the spontaneous sex life you once enjoyed may never be the same – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have an exciting and enjoyable sex life as parents.

Here at FemTherapy we believe in not just helping you have sex again but in helping you to achieve the most satisfying and pleasurable sex life possible.

What can a FemTherapy Sex and Relationship Therapist do to help?

Whether you’re having difficulties getting back in the saddle after birth or you’re trying to manage sexual intimacy as parents we’re here to help. Our trained Sex Therapists can help you identify the specific struggles you’re dealing with and develop a treatment plan to get back to a satisfying and pleasurable sex life as quickly as possible.

We will recommend treatments, products and exercises to help get your body ready and ease into a comfortable and pain free sexual routine. We can help you and your partner communicate and work together toward balancing and maintaining sexual intimacy alongside parenting. We can also provide counselling services both individually or in couple’s sessions to treat postpartum depression or anxiety issues and any associated sexual dysfunction.