Women can experience no end of sexual problems arising from a number of sources… And it’s not always just about the sex!

Sexual problems can often be related to stress, guilt (culture and religion are often the culprit) to say nothing of past traumas. Sexual difficulties can often be a sign of other issues or health problems. For example, did you know that sexual difficulties are often coupled with other treatable illnesses such as anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, urinary tract infections and infertility? And that’s just the start of it…

A lot of female sexual issues are minimized, ignored, or thought to be normal in a relationship. In reality, if left untreated they can actually have a large effect on the quality of the relationship. Sexual issues could be the cause or consequence of relationship difficulties. Coming for therapy as a couple can be extremely beneficial and is often the best way to overcome both sexual issues and relationship difficulties. FemTherapy offers relationship counselling and sex therapy both in couple and individual sessions. Either through treatment alone, as a couple, or in a combination of sessions, FemTherapy will help improve your sexual health and satisfaction as well as your relationship.

When it comes to sex, more often than not, her problems are your problems.

It’s also no surprise that such problems won’t just affect her…

Research now shows that male sexual problems can begin or often be made worse if female sexual problems are present. For example, compared to the partners of women without sexual problems, partners of women with sexual dysfunction will often report significant decline in sex drive and sexual satisfaction. Waning levels of sexual desire, arousal, orgasm frequency and sexual satisfaction amongst partners of women with long term sexual dysfunction is not uncommon. This in turn can generate a serious physical, emotional and sexual toll on affected partners and their relationships.

For some women, engaging in sexual activities can remind them of their insecurities, often increasing levels of distress and/or depression over perceived sexual inadequacies. Decreases in levels of sexual activity are often associated with falls in other forms of intimacy, such as kissing, hugging or even just talking. This creates a cycle between the lack of intimacy, lack of sexual activity, lack of confidence and increased distress.

Whether they be male or female, sexual problems will often place an enormous strain on relationship harmony. The good news is that many of these problems need not be permanent. If you or your partner are having sexual difficulties or relationship issues we can help.

So what can a FemTherapy Clinic sex therapist do to help you and your partner?

Our sex and relationship counselling service can help both you and your partner with:

  • Opening up the channels of sexual communication. Communicating your fears and concerns openly, and in adapting towards what inevitably will become a new intimate, and sexually satisfying dynamic.
  • Developing new techniques and strategies that take the focus off of penetration will allow you both to find new ways of giving and receiving sexual and non-sexual pleasure and in enhancing levels of relationship intimacy.
  • Knowing what your next steps in treatment should be if other health issues are identified.