Erectile dysfunction is defined as repeatedly being unable to get or maintain a level of erection hardness capable of allowing one the ability to engage in penetrative sexual practices.

Erectile dysfunction problems are common. Over 40% of men over the age of 40 will experience at least one episode of erectile dysfunction per year. As men age, the percentage, frequency and severity of each erectile dysfunction flare-up tends to increase.

Erectile dysfunction will often have a devastating impact on a man’s self-image. Many men with erectile disorders experience lower levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, decreased feelings of masculinity, and may even experience depression… and it rarely ends just there.

Men suffer, and so do their partners

Erectile dysfunction is a couple’s problem as it frequently will negatively impact relationships as well as sex lives. Men with erectile dysfunction often avoid sexual encounters with partners. Even basic forms of intimacy (such as kissing and cuddling) can decline. Research now shows that the partners of men with erectile dysfunction are also more likely to suffer from decreased levels of sexual satisfaction, reduced sexual desire, stress and in some cases, depression.

Solutions to erectile dysfunction problems are rarely clear cut.

There are at least ten different types of erectile dysfunction falling into four general groups:

  • Physical erectile dysfunction (problems include physical injury, medical illness, lifestyle related, and erectile dysfunction caused by drug side-effects),
  • psychological erectile dysfunction (this includes stress, depression, and lack of sexual desire)
  • relationship related erectile dysfunction (relationship conflict, marital pressures, family issues including the presence of children) and
  • erectile dysfunction related to problems in lovemaking methods and behaviours.

So why not just take a pill?

To complicate things further, the factors outlined above will often combine thereby making resolution of erectile dysfunction complicated. The vast majority of erectile dysfunction problems are caused by psychological factors as well as problems in lovemaking methods and behaviours. Whilst medication can sometimes help, they don’t address and can’t resolve issues relating to psychological and relationship factors.

What can a FemTherapy Clinic Sex Therapist do to help you and your partner with erectile problems?

Our team of sexual health professionals have extensive experience in helping women and their partners to resolve erectile dysfunction problems.

We can provide couple’s counselling, treat you individually for any sexual issues you may be experiencing as a result of erectile problems or refer your partner for individual therapy. In treatment, we will conduct a full review of your partner’s medical and sexual history. This will help us to identify erectile dysfunction causes, patterns and to assess levels of erectile dysfunction severity. We will then assemble a treatment plan specifically designed to help alleviate erectile dysfunction problems as quickly, and as effectively as possible.

If your partner happens to be experiencing a physical or medical condition that requires on-going treatment or rehabilitation, we will instruct both you and your partner as to how these can be successfully incorporated within your sexual practices.

We will also teach you new methods of sexual pleasuring and arousal that will make getting and maintaining and erection easier, less stressful, and more likely.