Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (Low Sex Drive)

It’s not unusual for most men to experience low levels of sexual appetite at various stages of their lives, however for low sex drive to be a problem of clinical significance, it normally needs to persistently occur for a period of least six months or longer.

Lifelong male HSDD is relatively rare. Acquired HSDD a much more common issue, commonly caused by sexual dysfunction – especially erectile dysfunction, even though any number of factors could be a cause. These include partner factors such as poor partner health or sexual problems; relationship factors such as continual marital conflict; and or prolonged levels of stress, depression or physical illness.

Alcohol, drug use and some medications (particularly those used for depression and anxiety) can also sometimes negatively affect levels of sexual desire, as can hormone imbalances.

For example, men that have low levels of testosterone (for example, those undergoing androgen deprivation therapy) often experience lower levels of sexual desire.

How a FemTherapy Sex Therapist can help you and your partner if he has low sex drive

Women with partners who have low levels of libido need not despair. Depending upon the cause(s), much can be done to aid men (and their partners) in overcoming low levels of sexual desire.

In our experience, many men will often experience returns of sexual desire once root causes are identified and corrected. A combination of couples or individual sex therapy and psychological treatment can often be successful in helping men to increase levels of sexual appetite as well as to re-establish the intimacy in your relationship.