Depression and Anxiety

Extensive research shows that longstanding sexual difficulties often lead to depression and anxiety in men. Numerous studies have shown that men with sexual problems (and their partners) are more likely to express symptoms of clinical depression, anxiety and relationship distress than is normally expected to be found within the general population.

The problem is however that when it comes to their own experiences of depression and distress, men are usually the last to know.

Male depression often shows itself differently than female depression. Men can continue to appear active and successful and at the same time, mask their depressive symptoms with work, heavier levels of drinking, relationship withdrawal in some cases, angry and/or moody behaviour. Rather than communicate their emotional problems, depressed men are more likely to talk about their physical symptoms- headaches, sleeping difficulties, stomach upsets and so forth.

When a man suffers from depression, he may feel overwhelmed by feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Dealing with the issues and challenges of everyday life becomes extremely difficult. Male depression sufferers often find themselves unexpectedly getting teary or sad, or being too exhausted to accomplish tasks most would find easy. Some men experience a lack of energy to socialise on any level with family or friends. Sleeplessness is common, as are feelings of near total hopelessness and despair. Depressives describe their feelings as being trapped, isolated, hopeless and desperately sad.

What is often overlooked by many health professionals is that depression and/or anxiety can lead to a multitude of sexual problems including low sex drive (lack of libido), erection difficulties, performance anxiety, as well relationship breakdown. Some anti-depression medications can have an adverse effect on erectile functioning. Depression and anxiety is traditionally treated by qualified ‘generalist’ psychologists, however men that experience depression and or mental distress combined with sex-related issues often require specialist treatments that most ‘generalist’ psychologists are ill-equipped to handle.

So what can a FemTherapy Clinic sex therapist do to help?

Here at the FemTherapy Clinic however, each psychologist we employ has specialist sexual health training as well as expertise in treating depression and anxiety. If this sounds like something your partner is dealing with we can help. We can help you individually to cope with and support your partner during their time of need. We can also help you alone or in couple’s sessions resolve any associated sexual issues. We specialise not only in treating women with sexual dysfunction issues (such as those outlined within this website), but also have extensive experience in providing psychological therapies that provide long-term relief and practical resolution for what are frequently life-long, mentally distressing, sexual and psychological conditions.