Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of male sexual difficulty. Research shows that almost 30% of men will experience recurrent premature ejaculation problems.

Premature ejaculation is defined as being:

  • a persistent or recurrent pattern of ejaculation occurring during sexual activity with a partner,
  • within approximately 1 minute following sexual penetration,
  • before the individual wishes it,
  • leading to considerable distress.

Put simply, premature ejaculation is a condition whereby a man lacks the ability to consciously control the timing of when he ejaculates. For a man to receive a formal diagnosis of premature ejaculation dysfunction, he would typically have to experience the condition for at least six months, and within 75% to 100% of occasions of sexual activity.

Solutions to premature ejaculation problems are rarely clear cut. When it comes to premature ejaculation, there is rarely one cause, one treatment or one easy cure. Premature ejaculation is often complicated by a number of factors – neurological, physical, relational and psychological.

Partners also suffer from premature ejaculation problems

Premature ejaculation is a couple’s problem and is a major source of relationship distress and conflict. Research shows that the partners of men with premature ejaculation are also more likely to suffer sexual problems and mental distress. Whilst most women try hard to express gestures of support, sympathy and encouragement, over time, many will develop feelings of loneliness, frustration and even resentment. Many women complain that sex feels often rushed, short-lived and unsatisfying. The situation is often made worse by men who refuse to acknowledge or talk about the problem, or that fail to seek professional treatment.

What can a FemTherapy Clinic Sex Therapist do to help you deal with you and your partner?

If your partner is facing premature ejaculation within your relationship, our team of sexual health physicians can offer you a detailed approach towards resolving such problems. Our approach examines all aspects of existing premature ejaculation problems including full review of medical and sexual history, relationship factors, sexual technique and psychological behaviour. We can see both of you in couple’s therapy as well as refer your partner for individual counselling. We can teach you (and your partner) new methods of sexual pleasuring and arousal that will make controlling the timing of his climaxes easier and maintaining his erections less stressful, and more likely.