Sex After Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 10 men in Australia and is the second leading cause of cancer death with approximately 22,000 cases being diagnosed in Australia each year.

Whilst survival rates are excellent, one of the unfortunate side-effects will be long term if not permanent, severe erectile dysfunction.

Research estimates that depending on the patient’s age, the chance of chronic, severe erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment can be anywhere between 40% and 90%.

The good news is that these days men have many treatment options available to them as far as penile rehabilitation and sexual adjustment is concerned.

The bad news? Most of the advice given to men tends to be rushed, woefully inadequate, ignores partner issues and leaves many men struggling to recover. Many couples experience relationship problems, depression amongst both men and their parters is common.

The result? Something like 75% of men will quit treatment leaving themselves and their partners to live with lifelong erectile dysfunction. For too many men and their partners, there is no sex after prostate cancer.

So what can a FemTherapy Clinic sex therapist do to help with the resumption of sex after prostate cancer?

We can help you deal with any distress or sexual issues you are experiencing with as a result of your partner’s cancer. We can refer your partner for specialized individual therapy covering everything from vacuum pumps, to medications like Viagra and Cialis, to injection therapy. We also provide couple’s counselling to help both you and your partner overcome emotional and sexual issues related to his prostate cancer. We will give you strategies for overcoming stress and relationship conflict. We will also teach you how to successfully incorporate erectile treatments into your sexual routine as well as teaching you how to maximise your sexual talents thereby allowing you and your partner to continue to experience great sex after prostate cancer.