Sex over 60

Despite the common belief that once adults hit 60+ years old they lose all interest in sex, this actually isn’t the case! If you or your partner is 60 or over, now may be the time of your sexual reawakening! Many adults entering retirement age become more relaxed, have more time on their hands and discover a new thirst for sexual activity. Everyday stresses of busy life in your 30’s and 40’s of building a career, raising children, managing a home and paying a mortgage really put a damper on libido. Once you’re at an age where you’re close to retiring from your career, the kids have moved away, the mortgage is paid off – you may just feel you have more energy for sex.

Embracing sexuality and engaging in sexual activity is a healthy way to keep fit, stay in tune with your body and stay connected to your partner. FemTherapy can help you achieve your sexual goals and stay healthy at any age, regardless of illness, disability or a major life change.