Moving on After Separation, Divorce or the Death of a Loved one

The dissolution of a marriage or long-term partnership whether it be by separation, divorce or death of a loved one, often creates a significant feeling of loss. This can lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and grief. Despite these difficulties, over time it is possible to move on sexually and romantically.

Divorce and separation from a partner can be very complex and sensitive issues to deal with. Depending on the situation, separation can also involve more than just loss of the relationship. Oftentimes, divorce involves children, family, finances, housing and careers. Separating from a long-term relationship causes changes to the stable lifestyle which can be more confronting than people are prepared for. Many individuals feel as though the lifestyle they were accustomed to is suddenly different and feel unsure of how to live without their partner.

Although nearly half of all marriages in Australia today end in divorce, and despite the complex nature of separation it need not mean the end of a woman’s love life.

How can a FemTherapy Sex Therapist or psychologist help?

Whether you are contemplating a separation, currently going through one or have already been through one, FemTherapy can help. Our trained therapists can help you at any stage throughout divorce, separation or bereavement to deal with the emotional load. We can help you communicate throughout separation with your partner, shed the pressure or guilt of maintaining a relationship, deal with personal issues that may arise and ultimately move on with your sexual and romantic life. It may be difficult to imagine life without your partner or a happy life with someone new but our FemTherapy team can help alleviate your distress, reclaim your individuality and even transition to new relationships in the future.