Sexual health specialists dedicated towards assisting women and their partners overcome sexual, psychological, and relationship challenges

Whilst female sexual health has often been seen as being an area of great importance, it has also for far too long, been and area of women’s health that is poorly understood by the vast majority of health practitioners; frequently overlooked and/or disregarded.

When it comes to female sexual health and relationship problems, many women find themselves unable to find sexual health practitioners able to assist them in successfully addressing their problems. Female sexual problems are often disregarded, poorly diagnosed or misunderstood, and will frequently remain untreated for indefinite periods of time.

Why Most Healthcare Professionals Won’t Talk About Sex

Extensive research shows that the majority of healthcare professionals do not proactively discuss sexuality issues with their patients. Reasons for not actively addressing sexual issues are generally due to there being insufficient levels of sexual health training, a lack of time to discuss issues within most patient appointments, clinician embarrassment, and a mistaken belief that if an issue is genuinely important to a patient, then that patient will usually come forward and will ask for help on their own.

The reality however is very different. For most women, their decision to seek expert advice towards resolving a sexual issue is usually extremely difficult for them to make…

Within our clinic, we have found that many women (having been given inadequate sexual health advice/direction) will needlessly give up on having an active, pleasurable and pain free sex life. Instead, many will find themselves suffering in silence… sacrificing what should be one of life’s true pleasures – an intimate, passionate and truly pleasurable sexual existence.

The FemTherapy Clinic for Women was specifically created for addressing issues pertaining to female sexual health.

Our clinicians are experts in their fields of female sexual health. They feel comfortable in discussing issues of a sexual nature with women (and in some cases, their partners). They will give patients all the time that they need in order for them to be able learn as much as they can about them and their specific circumstances (sexual, relationship, health and otherwise). This way, they are better prepared to understand your specific sexual health and relationship challenges, as well as being able to provide practical direction and advice aimed at helping women overcome sexual health challenges. They aim to not only alleviate issues but to help you realise your highest sexual potential and achieve the utmost satisfying sex life possible in the process.